Sec. 146.04. - Exception for deliveries.

  • When necessary in entering or leaving a truck terminal or for the purpose of making a delivery or pickup, a commercial vehicle of over fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds gross weight may travel upon any street where such delivery or pickup is to be made, or where such truck terminal is located, but shall reach or leave such location on said street by traveling over the shortest route from the nearest designated truck route or district; however, direct travel shall be allowed between points of pickup or delivery, without the necessity of returning to truck routes or districts where the distance between said points of pickup or delivery does not exceed one (1) mile. Commercial vehicles or trucks over fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds gross weight, when making a delivery, pickup or when traveling to or from a truck terminal located in the area bounded by Mississippi River Boulevard, Marshall Avenue, Snelling Avenue, Selby Avenue, Summit Avenue, Kellogg Boulevard, West Seventh Street, Otto Avenue and Highland Parkway shall consider Randolph Avenue between West Seventh Street and Cleveland Avenue, St. Clair Avenue between West Seventh Street and Cleveland Avenue, and Grand Avenue between Dale Street and Cretin Avenue as truck routes, and all provisions of this chapter applicable to truck routes shall apply.

    (Code 1956, § 125.04)

  • Sec. 146.05. - Passing from route to route.

  • A commercial vehicle of over fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds gross weight upon arriving at the end of any truck route designated herein may be driven over the most direct course to the nearest truck route which extends in the same general direction.

    (Code 1956, § 125.05)

  • Sec. 146.06. - Powers of director.

  • The director of the department of public works shall have authority, for cause or upon request, to designate temporary routes in addition to the routes specifically provided; to issue temporary permits for commercial vehicles of over fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds gross weight to operate over routes not established; or to otherwise deviate from the provisions of this chapter. Such action of the director shall be subject to review and modification or cancellation by the council.

    (Code 1956, § 125.06)

  • Sec. 146.07. - Governmental vehicles.

  • The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to emergency vehicles of the police department, fire department, division of public health, nor to any public utility vehicle where actually engaged in the performance of emergency duties necessary to be performed by said public departments or public utilities, nor to any vehicle owned by or performing work for the United States of America, the State of Minnesota, or the City of Saint Paul.

    (Code 1956, § 125.07)

  • Sec. 146.08. - Conflict with other provisions.

No designation of a "truck route" which consists in whole or in part of any state trunk highway, federal highway or parkway shall be construed as a permitting use of said route in violation of any order or rule of the commissioner of transportation or any ordinance. Further, no designation of any "truck route" shall be construed to permit violation of any state law or provision of this Code regulating the size, weight, capacity, height, length or speed of trucks or other vehicles.

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