Sec. 145.02. - Parkways where trucks are prohibited.

The following streets and avenues are designated as parkways and boulevards, upon which no person shall drive, propel or draw, or cause to be driven, propelled or drawn, any truck which is licensed by the State of Minnesota for a gross weight in excess of nine thousand (9,000) pounds* except at intersecting street crossings, except for one (1) block between any two (2) consecutive intersecting streets or avenues, and except where it is otherwise impossible to reach a destination for the purpose of making a delivery to or returning from any lot or premises, when necessary to do so, upon or along any parkway in the City of Saint Paul:


Street or Avenue                         From                           To

Cherokee Heights Boulevard     Annapolis Street        Ohio Street

Edgcumbe Road                       Lexington Parkway     West 7th Boulevard

Highland Parkway                      Edgcumbe Road       Mississippi Riv. Blvd

Johnson Parkway*                    Burns Avenue             Wheelock Parkway

Lexington Parkway                   West 7th Avenue         Concordia

Lexington Parkway                    University Avenue      Larpenteur

Midway Parkway                       Snelling Avenue         Hamline Avenue

Mississippi River Boulevard      City Limits                  West 7th Boulevard

Mounds Boulevard                    I-94                             Burns Avenue

Mt. Curve Boulevard                  Randolph Street         Ford Parkway

Pelham Boulevard                     Mississippi Riv Blvd   St. Anthony Avenue

Prospect Boulevard                   Bellows Street            Hall Street

Summit Avenue                         Mississippi Riv Blvd   Kellogg Boulevard

Wheelock Parkway                    East Como Blvd        Johnson Parkway


*  Trucks of ten thousand (10,000) pounds or less are permitted on that portion of Johnson Parkway between East Seventh Street and Prosperity Avenue.

(Code 1956, § 124.02; C.F. No. 94-119, § 1, 2-23-94)

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