Two projects; both brownfields (polluted, formerly industrial sites), both identified as being GREAT opportunities for development. Rice Creek Commons will be built on the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP). The Ford site is going up on the remains of the former Ford plant in Highland Park. Will both actually be as promising as press and planners project? Compare and contrast the numbers below, watch the videos, see what you think.

Rice Creek Commons
Area: 320 acres
Accessibility: Immediate interstate access                       35W, Hwy 10, I-694
Residential: 1600 units, mostly single                               family, multi-family in town                           center (152 acres)
Commercial: 86 acres retail & office
Parks/Public space: 24 acres dedicated                           park, 50 acre creek natural area
Ford Development
Area: 122 acres
Accessibility: A-line bus, no interstate                               access
Residential: 4,000 multi-family units, 60%                       rental
Commercial: c. 1500 employees, c. 30%                         acreage
Parks/Public space: 9% (11 acres)

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