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Click on the pdf below to view plans for the building to be constructed at address.

Density in a time of Pandemics

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“Covid-19 is causing us to rethink the future of our communities,” said Sam Gill, Knight’s chief program officer and senior vice president. “People are reevaluating what matters to them. In some cases, the pandemic has left us yearning for the parks and gathering spaces we are now denied. In other cases, it’s leading us to ask how people can safely come together and connect.”


Knight Foundation Publication; New landmark study reveals what ties people to their communities,

May 20, 2020

Missing middle examples

South False Creek, Vancouver CA

Leavenworth, WA

Woonerf, Leiden, Netherlands

Zoning for the Missing Middle:

Video: Form-based Codes

It's easy to think that so much effort and

money have gone into the Ford development, that the original design Ryan and the city agreed on, will remain unchanged 20 years from now.

Actually, any number of things could alter the course of the design of the Ford site. Market forces, environmental issues, political or any number of other issues might lead Ryan to revise design in process.

Here are a number of links to material which we all might do well to consider.

Market value apartments are going to be built and owned by Weidner Apartment Homes, who's St. Paul track record is the Lofts, downtown.  Go to their site and wander around. Question; how distinctive are these units? Is this an extension of the Davern riverfront complex? Is this 'world class?' You decide.

Project for Pride in Living will be responsible for the affordable housing. Here is a link to their website and properties. Same questions.


For a contrast, please consider some mid-density developments; aka 'the missing middle.'  click for more.




Construction has begun at the site. The first requests for variances from the original agreement are in, and not surprisingly they urge the City to give them permission to go HIGHER, and put in more buidling while removing open space. 


What's Coming?

Although designs are in and approved, that doesn't mean everything is set in stone

St Paul Municipal zoning code, ford site

Milwaukee Ave., Mpls. MN

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